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The ZebraFish Anatomy Portal (ZFAP) is an anatomical resource for the zebrafish Danio rerio containing 3D models of zebrafish covering the range of development from 24hrs until adulthood.

About ZFAP
The ZebraFish Anatomy Portal allows users to:
  • Search for annotated images illustrating structures of interest.
  • Browse in 3D all the images in the database.
  • Search for gene expression based on published literature.
  • Link to other key ressources for zebrafish.

How to use ZFAP?
Please visit our "Tutorial" section.
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Comments and suggestions?
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Search for anatomical terms
Search the data using terms in the anatomical ontology. Searches can use multiple anatomical terms and be applied to the complete database or selected developmental stages.

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Textmining gene expression predictor
Search for genes potentially expressed in anatomical structures using article abstracts.

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Visualise 3D models
Visualise and interact with 3D embryos QTVR videos

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Browse all sections
Browse the 3D models of anatomical development.

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Download 3D models
The complete 3D models can be downloaded in tif format for local analysis.

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Who are we?
This project is a collaborative work between Dr. Robert Bryson-Richardson, Dr. David Salgado, Prof. Peter Currie , and Prof. Christophe Marcelle at Monash University, Australia.

Optical Projection Tomography
animated gif demonstrating principal of projection tomography Optical projection tomography (OPT) is the technique used to generate the 3D models in the ZFAP resource. To generate 3D images in OPT a series of images is captured of the sample as it rotates. Each line of pixels in these images is then back projected to generate a cross section through the sample.
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The Zebrafish Information Network
Zfin logo The online resource for zebrafish containing details on expression patterns, mutant and transgenic strains, protocols, and other community information.
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Logo FishNet FishNet is a three dimensional database of zebrafish development from the early embryo to adult. The repository contains over 30,000 images of sections; over 1000 of these being annotated.
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The Zebrafish Atlas Project
zebrafish atlas project The Zebrafish Atlas contains 2- and 3-dimensional, anatomical reference slides of zebrafish.
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Atlas of Zebrafish Vascular Anatomy
zebrafish vascular project Online interactive "atlas" displaying in three-dimensional detail the complete vascular anatomy of the developing zebrafish.
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3-D Atlas of Zebrafish Vascular Anatomy
Atlas of Zebrafish Vascular Anatomy logo This project provides access to the complete vascular anatomy of the zebrafish embryo and larva at every stage of development from 1 to 7 days post-fertilization.
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The zebrafishbrain.org atlas
zebrafishbrain.org logo zebrafishbrain.org aims to be a user friendly and highly flexible resource for presenting information about the neuroanatomy of the developing zebrafish brain. Visit project >
The Edinburgh Mouse Atlas Project
emage project EMAP maintains a digital anatomical resource and gene expression database for the mouse available
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The Compare Project
Compare project COMPARE is a multi-organism web-based system designed to easily retrieve, correlate and interpret data across species. Compare provides access to a wide array of information for human and widely studied animal models.
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